Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m an 18 year old Canadian who grew up in Burlington ON, and currently living in Toronto ON. On this blog I will be posting a wide variety of things I find interesting such as my passions, my photography and my videos! I’m a Ryerson RTA student taking 4 years to get my BA in Media Production. Although my primary focus is on video editing and cinematography, one of my favorite past times is photography. I love everything landscape and have been taking photo’s ever since I got my DSLR in grade 11! I believe that landscape is capable of freezing a beautiful moment in time, and sharing that view with another person. I shoot with a T4i, and I mostly use a 14mm Rokinon ultra wide angle lens for my landscape shots. I’ve been drumming for 8 years, and some of my covers can be found on Youtube, and I will continue to make covers as well. While I do sit in front of the computer a lot, some of the things that get me off of my feet are snowboarding and yoga. My birthday is October 24th and fall is my favorite season. I’m a scorpio and although I don’t believe in Horoscopes I think they’re rad. I hope you enjoy all the content and posts you see here on this blog!


Gear List:

Canon T4i

Rokinon 14mm UWA

ProMaster Intravolometer

Canon 18/135mm





Aidan Matthew Brintnell. October 24th, 1995. Amateur photographer, cinematographer and filmmaker. Studying RTA: Media Production at Ryerson University.


Important Links:

Twitter: @AidanRTA

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100216897@N04/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbWgXLsOjSK6hh0tgMkqbWw


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