My First Video

When I was in grade 6 me and some older friends of mine at my cottage decided we were going to make a video. Our great movie idea? To combine The Matrix and Star Wars and call it: The Patrix Wars. With no gun props, no make up, and most importantly no budget, we set off into the forest/beaches of Tobermory Canada to film our thriller. After all of our filming was done, we had to figure out who would get to edit such sacred footage. I had the iMac in my cottage, but had never attempted to edit a video in my life, and so it fell to one of my best friends Sam Butler, to take on the reigns of video editor. Now one thing I’ve never understood about myself is how I can never get tired of video editing, even when I’m 12 hours into a project. If I’m still passionate about what I’m working on I can continue to do it. Such was the case for Patrix Wars. As soon as Sam sat down to edit I was right beside him, watching him and learning from what he did. The program we were using at the time was Final Cut Pro 7, a great video editing program and one that I had never seen the likes of. We could add explosions, blood effects and bullet shots. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Spending about 8 hours a day over the next period of 3 days Sam had finally finished the video. It was at this moment I actually thought about being a video editor, for the first time in my life, and I have Sam Butler to credit for that experience.



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