Finished Animatic. Week 3 RTA 312 #4


Animatic: Overfishing Animatic

Artist Statement: For my motion graphic, I wanted to experiment with my animation style, and decided that I would be creating all of my models using construction paper. This will give it a very light hearted, friendly animation style that I think will go very well with the piece. Although the subject matter is definitely serious, rather than just depress the viewer. The construction paper style makes it more approachable to different audiences, kids, adults and adolescents. I tried to go for a more informative style of animation, using statistics and information after grabbing their attention with the animation. It’s not supposed to invoke major emotions, however it is aimed at making people realize the consequence of overfishing, and how dire the situation is.


First Week of Motion Graphics

This is the blog of Aidan Brintnell, who’s in The Defibrillators. I have three small pitches ready for Week 2’s class and I’m hoping to have my idea finalized after this class.

Pitch # 1: Showing the effects of Anorexia by animating a skeleton over an already skinny body. Showing a plate that’s filled with food in the corner, slowly getting smaller and smaller as the skeleton grows and eventually consumes his whole body. The skeleton then falls apart, for ED awareness.

Pitch # 2: Violence against women/men. Stop motion video of a family together, all in separate frames. The bruises on the mother get worse and worse as the faces on both the father and son change. Finishing with the son leaving the frame, and the mom leaving as well.

Pitch #3: For my final pitch I wanted to tackle world poverty, showing a Visual 3d map of the world, starting off with a busy city, showing lots of food in the garbage, then zooming out, and panning towards a more rural town in Africa, showing the lack of food they have, and how they can help.

Deafheaven Bassist Falls Asleep Onstage

so funny

The Hard Times

PORTLAND, Ore. — Deafheaven’s bassist, Stephen Clark, was lulled to sleep in the middle of his band’s Red Bull Sound Select show in Portland last night. Some might think this would be cause for teasing, but critics are already raving that Clark slept through Deafheaven’s ambient shoegaze black-metal bullshit perfectly.

“It was a flawless performance. Just absolutely flawless. These guys are creating a new genre,” one critic wrote on his Pitchfork worship blog. “When he started snoring I knew I was witnessing the best set of the year.”

And he wasn’t the only critic out there who enjoyed the set.

“They are just so dark. I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t even wrap my head around how they get so dark,” another critic wrote before concluding that the band must put something in their wash.

Clark explained his predicament to reporters outside the show.

“I was standing…

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